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5 Advantages of Custom Stonework for Your Kitchen Island

A kitchen island gives you additional space for cooking or entertaining guests. Some prefer a movable kitchen island while some want it permanently installed. A movable island fits small kitchens while the permanent ones work great for bigger kitchens.

Regardless the type of island you choose, there’s no doubt this design component can also serve as a focal point in your kitchen. And when you dress up your kitchen island with stone countertops, it becomes even more attractive and dependable.

Let’s talk about more benefits of using custom stonework for designing your kitchen island.

1. Add interest to your kitchen’s focal point. Since a kitchen island is usually positioned in the middle of the room, it can easily become its focal point. Eyes are drawn straight to it and for that matter, your kitchen island, regardless its size, should be, as much as possible,  visually-pleasing. Using natural stone for its surface gives it a timeless appeal. The raw beauty of this material makes your kitchen look both unique and elegant. Expect your guests to give your kitchen a second look.

2. Incorporate color contrast. To make your kitchen island stand out, you can have it outfitted with a natural stone that comes in a contrasting color with the rest of your kitchen surfaces. In case the color that you like is not readily available, you can as well request stone fabricators to create a custom countertop for you. Not only will they design and build your custom kitchen surface, they can as well install it for you to ensure durability.

3. Renovate your kitchen for less. If using custom stonework for all your kitchen surfaces does not fit your budget at the moment, you can still make this project possible with your kitchen island. It will be less costly to install custom surfaces on your island alone, that is even if you have a large one. Incorporating a stone surface is possible for both fixed and movable kitchen islands.

4. Dedicate a space for a granite surface. If you want to incorporate granite in your kitchen design but are concerned with maintenance, you can still have it for less work. Consider using this material for your kitchen island surface. Granite needs sealing upon installation and at least once a year after that. You also need to be cautious about bringing in liquids that could leave stains on the surface. Cleaning should be done promptly too since granite is porous. This may sound like a lot of work, but it should be easier if you only have your kitchen island, than the entire kitchen, to look out for.

5. Welcome marble counters in your kitchen. Marble is another in-demand kitchen surface option. But if you are worried about etching and staining, then you can have it just for your kitchen island. You can have a workspace if you’re interested in baking as marble surfaces are ideal for this. Then, you can use other materials that can handle all the other heavy work for the rest of your kitchen countertops.

A kitchen island provides you extra storage space and an additional activity area. And you can ensure both beauty and functionality by choosing the right material. Local custom stonework professionals can help you design and build a kitchen island according to your budget, without compromising quality.

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